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The most dazzling holiday plan is on show when you arrive on flights to the Maldives: turquoise waters, sugar-white sands, pesto-colored treetops and a rainbow of cocktails under the stars. It all adds up to a sun-soaked paradise. You will find a mosaic of islands under you while landing. Let us offer you a flight option that can suit you. In rate, travel time and connection.

Why go? Why use you?

Book flights to the Maldives and you ask why go? It’s one of the destinations that should be on your “bucket list”

Of course you can book your flights direct yourself. But maybe you did not find the deal? Or you not want to have hour’s long stopover in a terminal somewhere waiting for the connecting flight. It is easy for you, someone to do it all for you. Our flight specialist will send you from the beginning the cheapest option we can offer you. Free of charge without any obligation. From us just as extra service for our Maldives holiday makers.

How does it work?

We will offer you the rate we can find after you have filled in the easy request form, and from there all we need is some personal information. Than after acceptance from you of the offer we make all the arrangements and send you the tickets with your resort or hotel reservation.

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On the airport we have our own host(es) waiting for you. Assisting you while in transit with any service or assistance you might need while finding your wat at Male Airport to resort departure.

Where to stay?

Flying to Maldives? Explore Maldives with our Guides to find the best hotels, vacation trips and more! Choose from the best offers we have


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