A wedding on the Maldives

Meet your wedding, ceremony and vows renewal assistant Victoria.
She is well trained, and thru the years became an expert in making special arrangements.
All the wishes you have to make your special occasion in the Maldives even more exciting she will assist you with.
She is aware of what all resorts offer, and is a good tool for you to get the best arrangements in the Maldives for your special occasions. (Of course with the best total package cost).
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Introduction to your wedding, ceremony and vows renewal

A wedding on the Maldives, on an island somewhere lost in the ocean. Close your eyes and imagine your perfect place. What could be more wonderful than azure ocean, beautiful palms, warm sun and white sand under your feet. When the bride goes to the altar to meet her future husband under the bewitching notes of touching music. What can be more romantic?

Is that what you were dreaming about?

So, we propose to spend an unforgettable wedding ceremony on one of the islands of the Maldives.

Your wedding tour to the Maldives will be one of the brightest events in your life. And warm memories of this day will last forever.

For the newlyweds, there are magnificent hotels specializing in weddings and offering bridal rooms with improved service and themed surprises.

The best time to organize a wedding ceremony on the Maldives is from November-December to March-April. At this time the sea is calm. The weather is sunny and dry.

So how the general ceremony looks like?

There are some different types of the ceremony.
The first one is traditional ceremony on the shores of the Indian Ocean. From the early morning on the day of the ceremony, young people are immersed in a festive atmosphere. Visit the SPA-center and get series of procedures for the health and beauty of the body. After they can have a little relaxing walk-tour abound the island to enjoy the view and prepare to the most important and touching moment of their lives. After that young people separate for a while and start to dress in wedding suits or national clothes. When the time is come, groom comes to altar which is traditionally decorated with the flowers and silk fabrics and waiting for bride’s show up. The bride passes through a special path, palm leaves directly to her beloved man, who will become her husband just in a couple of seconds. Local artists perform traditional music and dance bodu-beru. According to the national custom the person who leads the ceremony calls to three elements: to water, air and earth, which become witness of the vow, love and faithfulness.

Young people say the oath of love and exchange rings. They get a wedding symbolical certificate. Although the marriage is conducted by an official representative, the marriage which were made on the islands cannot be considered as an official upon to arrival in your country, but it doesn’t make it less important.
At the end - traditional champagne, a romantic dinner under the starry sky on the ocean or on the open terrace. After the ceremony couple can take some romantic trip around the islands, and enjoy tropical beauty, and stay alone with nature.
Second type is also very romantic and unusual

What would you say about wedding in the restaurant under the water?

Amazing feeling of this experience you can get just in Anantara Kihavah and Conrad Resorts. Those two Resorts have underwater restaurants. You can have unforgettable ceremony while watching through the huge glasses on the underwater world.
If it’s still not enough and too simple for you, so the option number three will surprise the most extreme and extraordinary couple. For those who tired from routine, wedding ceremony can be organized right under the water. Is it hard to believe? But it’s possible. Unforgettable ceremony around colorful corals and spectacular marine life. Newlyweds in wedding suits swim to depth and get feelings and emotions which could never had before. After such an extreme celebration, provided a walk on a catamaran and a romantic dinner. Usually wedding participants are experienced divers but if couple do not dive, but they want to hold a wedding underwater, they can sign up for a diving course (extra of charge), and then hold a celebration.

Most of hotels and resorts provide perfect accommodation for newlyweds. Wake up in a charming room and take a look at an amazing sunrise from your window and let your paradise stay, will last longer but now as a husband and a wife.

One more kind of ceremony also can be done on the traditional «Dhoni Boat». Exchange your vows and swear to love each other forever in the middle of the ocean under the gentle sounds of waves.
Many newlyweds prefer a wedding on a luxury yacht, a romantic journey on it, solitude on a beautiful deck. The yacht is available for a couple in 24 hours. After a rich day for an impression, you can hold a wedding ceremony at sunset. The nature around the yacht, highlighted by the colors of the passing day, will give the unique charm of the ceremony and leave in memory all the events of this happy time.
Different hotels have their own traditions of wedding ceremonies, and you can also correct some details according to your taste and wishes.
Visa is not needed to Maldives, which makes journey much easier.
You will get a stamp upon to arrival in the airport.
You will need:
A passport with a validity of at least 3 months from the date of entry into the country;
Return flight ticket;
Voucher and confirmation of stay at the hotel.

For your convenience, in hotels can be provided:

On-site wedding coordinator Welcome drink Tropical flower decoration Professional hair stylist and make-up stylist Flowers for bride Groom corsage Traditional costume for bride and groom (if necessary) Professional photographer Decorations for the ceremony place and the Maldivian traditional drums "Bodu Beru" Musical accompaniment Romantic dinner Show program with traditional dancing A wedding cake

If you have some special requests according the ceremony, music or any other wishes, you can discus with the stuff.
Wedding is a very exciting event, and it’s very important to think everything to the smallest details. But isn’t grate when the nature has already taken care of everything. Any island you choose is already perfect place without any flaw.
The advantages of a wedding in the Maldives is a beautiful exotic nature, picturesque landscapes, the sea and beaches. Hot summer almost all year round.
The team of professional who specified on the wedding day ceremony. You don’t need to warry everything has already taken care.
And One more benefit of the wedding on the island is that you can enjoy your honeymoon the same time.
Make a decision of the best journey in your life which will bring you a lot of unforgettable memories, joy and happiness. The cost of the wedding ceremony depends on the hotel, as well as the included additional services and is paid separately from the cost of the tour.